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Endless Debate on Second Year Magazine Neue Zeiten

Management structures need people with project thinking who are able to generate ideas

V. Gromova: about candidates for new positions in the Ministry of Education and Science

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

Need extrasystemic system-minded „cats that roam by themselves“?!

I read about the final results of the VI wave of the competition for the positions of specialists in reform at the Ministry of Education and Science and „I think so.“

And why should candidates for new positions show the ability to „solve puzzles“ or scrupulous knowledge of outdated legislation, if the main requirement for them should be – to have a systematic non-stereotyped thinking?

There is this paradox of Spencer’s management: “A good leader is able to make decisions with insufficient information. The ideal leader is able to make decisions without knowing anything. So they don’t need to „know“!

They need to see the big picture, risks, threats and new opportunities, be able to give a powerful impetus to the blindfolding of the old-fashioned MES bureaucrats, and they have been able to look at education with different eyes.

A high-paying position for them should be an opportunity to make a „revolution in education“ and not become a well-oiled wheel in the bureaucratic mechanism of the Soviet model of education management.

These should be horizontal-minded people who can see other mechanisms of educational development in the new millennium. Have the intellectual courage to go „beyond the box“ in order to find ways to harness the forces of change from below.

Therefore, the main selection criterion should be the availability of fresh ideas and the ability to identify certain vectors of new education development based on these ideas. These people should submit their own „portfolio“ with such developments (articles, recommendations, suggestions, etc.), which they have created over the past 10 years. Of course, empty bells are not needed there either, so it would be necessary to confirm their ability to implement these ideas in practice at the operational level of the educational institution or local education department.

If all attempts to find at least some intellectual achievement of the newly created „agent of change“ fail, there are doubts about his ability to „break into the future.“

Unknown „gray mice“ will not charge in the break of the old system, it is necessary to somehow attract to these positions out-of-system „cats that roam by themselves.“

Who do I mean? Such educational „co (s) as Volodymyr Spivakovsky!

P.S. For those who have read this place, I offer a „multi-book“ from my old article „When the management dinosaurs will disappear.“

I quote myself:

The ant meets the lizard and asks: who are you?

– I am a dinosaur.

– So you are extinct!

– No, they are not extinct. We were sick.

Children’s anecdote

Needless to say, institutions as a type of organizational culture in the new millennium are becoming extremely inefficient. So, if the education department continues to operate as a traditional institution, it becomes a bureaucratic-bureaucratic dinosaur. There, in the West, managerial dinosaurs in education became extinct as early as the 1980s.

Needless to say, today there is no hope of success if in such an educational „office“ no one but the head (and someone behind him) is responsible for the results of work, does not risk anything, where each step must be agreed, where personal initiative is inappropriate …

It should be noted that management structures in the field of education are practically incapable of reform. These are closed systems that work on their own. So it was, so it is and so it will be until they become „open systems“ and until their functions change. A fundamentally new type of management structure is needed, which will be based on the project principle of organization of activities and partnership.

In such a sufficiently flexible organization, people will not be bound by rigid hierarchical subordination, but by a common interest in the implementation of promising ideas, work ethic and a culture of achievement. In the conditions of the collegial decision of all important questions the head will carry out exclusively coordinating functions. Of course, both personal responsibility for results and personal risk-sharing will be required, which will depend not on the position but on the functions of the employees.

The management structure, which is a large project team, requires fundamentally different qualities of employees. Apparatus and good performers for whom the world of education is something permanent and inviolable are relics of the previous era. After all, they are accustomed to organizing their own and others‘ work exclusively as a bureaucratic process. They do not know how to start a creative process, in which the main thing is the focus on the strategy of improvement, the dynamics of change, in which „everything is possible“, „everything is needed“, in which „the ultimate goal is nothing, movement – everything „.

Today, management structures first of all need people who can dream, are able to generate ideas, have project thinking. The success of any project requires not just creative individuals, but forerunners of the future, able to create a world around them and promote it as a political, commercial or educational project.

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It is necessary to issue a certificate that the person was in school, but did not use the opportunity to get an education

V. Gromova: you can bring a horse to a watering hole, but …

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

You can bring a horse to a watering hole, but …

On January 1, 2019, the order of the Ministry of Education came into force, which provides for the replacement of the words „certificate of complete secondary education“ in the sample documents with „certificate of completion of general secondary education.“

And what to do if he (she, she) did not get this education, but simply wiped his pants and only prevented others from getting?

The British say: you can bring a horse to a watering hole, but it is impossible to force him to drink water.

The term „learner“ emphasizes the active role of the learner. If in reality there was no „applicant“, but at best a topics for personal narratives passive „consumer“ (at worst – a saboteur), it is illogical to issue a „certificate of complete secondary education“, which is not obtained.

It is necessary to issue a certificate stating that the person with grief has spent some time in school, but did not take the opportunity to get a full general secondary education.

But in the list of documents there are only samples of such certificates „for people with moderate intellectual disabilities.“

Let me remind you that in the old gymnasium even the term „tuition was not used.“ It was officially written that it was a fee „for the right to study“ in this educational institution. And how this or that student used this right was his exceptional problem. Make the most of it, get the appropriate document, which means automatic admission to any university (lists of high school graduates were sent to all universities). I didn’t use it – go „turn the oxen’s tails“ without such a pass …

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It is a shame and extremely hopeless to be a country of ignoramuses with fake certificates and diplomas in your pockets

Victor Gromova: how to improve the quality of education

Author: Victor Gromova, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

Is it possible to improve the quality of national education in simple ways? For example, the right to leave the ignorant (sorry, children with hidden potential) for the second year should be returned to the school.

Because not all students study at the same pace and not all are able to master the school program. Unfortunately, no matter how titanic we make, some of them remain at the junior level. And the solemn receipt of a plastic certificate and a diploma of „failure“ to complete secondary and higher education is just a touch of the eye and an imitation of the performance declared by the constitution of compulsory secondary education.

Yes, it is not always comfortable to study with a sophomore when you are eight years old and he is already twelve years old.

Yes, these are additional costs … But they will do it.

If before the introduction of the 12-point grading system (in which any grade is „positive“), teachers often tried to „pull“ the top three, then, for example, in Germany, children are still often left for the second year … Some students there even become sophomores voluntarily to improve their grades (admission to any university there with a grade point average). This is a common practice, because it is not a shame to be a sophomore. It’s a shame to be ignorant …

It is a shame and extremely hopeless to be a country of ignoramuses (people who did not want to reveal their deeply hidden potential) and „professional idiots“ (Hegel) with fake certificates and diplomas in their pockets. Is Germany a republic of sophomores? or The Endless Debate on Secondary Education Magazine Neue Zeiten

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The world is changing, presidents, ministers are changing, and nothing is changing in our education …

Victor Gromova: the jubilee continues

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

Jubilee mania continues.

Thus, there is a Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine „On the celebration of memorable dates and anniversaries in 2019 (Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady (VVR), 2019, No. 3, Article 24), which contains paragraph 3. To recommend to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

to ensure the holding of lessons, educational classes, round tables, scientific and practical conferences, other thematic events in secondary and higher educational institutions, timed to the memorable dates and anniversaries of 2019; to include topics dedicated to memorable dates and anniversaries of 2019 in the list of topics of competitions of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, essays, term papers and dissertations in higher educational institutions.

But! This does not mean that all 147 well-known events in Ukraine and world history, anniversaries of famous people and Remembrance Days should be celebrated in Petrokorbivska or Vasynska secondary schools. There they can choose from this list 7 topics that are relevant to them or not choose any, because they are not interested and they have other more modern forms of work in these areas. Nit, it is necessary that every time they write a letter to Filkin about „conducted (and not really carried out, because when to work then) events.“

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